not receiving responses from an email campaign...

  • 13 November 2022
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I recently sent a mail campaign. Yet, I don't receive any email when people send a response.. they say their email was successfully sent but I do not see them on my mail box. I checked and the mail address from/reply to is correct.


Please, help me. I can't receive any response from the mail campaign…




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Hello @EnzoB ,

Welcome to the Community.

As we cannot see the exact details of your campaign set up here, I am going to ask for some clarifying questions to see if we can better understand. 

Can you confirm that your from/replyto in your campaign reports, the From & Replies in the last section Review & Send was correctly saved and is the email you wanted to use? Did you Save Changes after putting in the new email address for Reply-To since Klaviyo does not auto-save that for users.

​Do you currently have reply email set up in your flow? After setting this up you will be able to have all reply emails directed to the email you provide as default.  To edit the default from/reply-to setting for your business, click on the account dropdown in the top right and select Account. Then, navigate to Contact Information > Organization and edit the default from email/reply-to email address. Click Update Information to save your changes.

It may depend on your customers firewall settings along with how their email provider recognizes spam.  Unfortunately since things are sending properly on your end your customer will need to check into their settings within their email provider.

 Until then I would suggest that you ask your customer to: 
1.) Check their Junk/Spam folder
2.) Please search for the words, 
3.) Check any filter or firewall settings as it may have been filtered.
4.) Add your website to their contacts and please retry to send the message.

Hope that helped,