Old Klaviyo Flows Triggering, New Ones Not Sending

  • 29 March 2024
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Hi Klaviyo Community,

I'm reaching out because I'm experiencing an issue with my Klaviyo account. I've recently deleted some old email flows that are no longer relevant, but they keep triggering and sending out to my subscribers. Additionally, some new flows I've created aren't activating at all.

This is causing confusion for my subscribers and frustration for me. I'd appreciate any insights on how to:

  • Stop the old, deleted flows from sending.
  • Ensure my new flows trigger and send as intended.

I've searched the Klaviyo knowledge base and haven't found a solution that addresses both issues simultaneously.

Here's some additional information that might be helpful:

  • I've double-checked that the deleted flows are truly gone from the "Flows" section.
  • My new flows are set to "Active" and have the desired triggers and actions configured.

Any advice from the Klaviyo community would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Hi @fvm,

While I haven't experienced that problem this is what I suggest doing.

  • Open 2 or 3 profiles that have experienced this issue in Klaviyo - go to view messages above to see which flows have triggered the emails. Double check if indeed it's the flows you've deleted. Potentially you'd be still able to access them here and turn off all emails in that flow. Potentially it's another flow sending the email - or - maybe these emails originate from another tool? (shopify / review / loyalty?)
  •  If indeed it's a deleted flow - create a support case with Klaviyo.

Hope this helps!

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