Order Confirmation - Flow or Conditional Logic?

  • 21 February 2024
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Hey Klaviyo Community,

We’re new to the platform and we’re trying to set up personalised order confirmations, each containing different information depending on the collection/s purchased. We’re a made to order business and our collections have different lead times, we’d like to be able to tell people when to expect their order.

Would the best way to set this up be:

A). A flow containing every variation of order possible with an individual email confirmation for each variation. We’ve tried to map this out and believe this would result in 33 possible combinations and so 33 different confirmation emails.

B). Using conditional logic to show/hide paragraphs within a ‘master’ email confirmation, depending on which collections have been purchased. We’ve had a look at this but the required text for one collection can change depending on the other collections purchased at the same time. We’re not totally sure how many conditional logic variables can be placed on one block.

C). Is there another way to do this that we haven’t discovered yet?

Thank you!


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Hi @yasmincrown

For your situation, I would use a flow, and populate the information with dynamic tables. This would require each collection/item to have the lead time associated with the product. Ideally, you can have one master email, and the items purchased will populate “automatically”. Check out these articles:

How to build dynamic blocks in a flow email

How to use dynamic variables to personalize email & SMS

I’ve used both of these articles to build an abandoned cart flow and a post-purchase flow, which shows the customer what they have in their cart (or what they purchased). If you have questions after reading the articles, reply here and I’ll try to help.

Best of luck!