Post-purchase followup flow on new customers only

  • 9 August 2022
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I’m trying to make a flow for new customers whom have made a purchase - Im a bit confused on how to setup this flow. 


I don’t wish to trigger this to send to my already existing purchasing customers as we have a very large database and would be offering a discount…. Only to trigger to those who have made a purchase never before, after creating this flow (i.e. New customers from todays date). Would this be correct? 




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Hi @QWSBen,

Welcome to the Community.

Just to be sure I'm understanding correctly, you are looking to send product-specific emails when customers make a purchase? What I would recommend here as a simpler solution is creating three separate metric-triggered flows and then using event variables to pull the product-specific information in: 

  • Post-Purchase Flow
  • First-Time Purchaser Flow (where someone has Placed Order equals 1 over all time)
  • Repeat Buyer Flow (where someone has Placed Order equals at least 2 over all time)

The dynamic event data allows for a more personalized experience for the customer, as well as a higher chance of conversion and would remove the need to filter based on specific products. For further information on how to pull the specific event variables for email, we have a step-by-step guide that I can link for you below:
Using Event Variables to Personalize Flow Emails
To summarize, setting up three separate flows based on your customers purchasing habits would still allow you to send product-specific emails once a customer makes a purchase, it would just eliminate the need to have a large flow branch and reduce the amount of individual email templates needed.
I hope this provides you with the information you were looking for,