Prevent showing the same items in Abandoned Browse / Checkout

  • 24 October 2022
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I’m currently working on an abandoned browse workflow. Our customers often browse more than one product at a time, and as a result we’d like to ensure that if our customers are looking at more than one product, that this is reflective in their abandoned browse reminder. 


Currently I have this set-up so that if a customer has viewed product at least 3 times, then they will get an email that is specifically designed to show three products. However, this of course has the potential to show the customer only 1 product that they may have viewed 3 times. 


The same can be said for a customer that views product at least two times, it’s possible that they have actually only viewed one product but have viewed it two times and will therefore satisfy the conditions of viewing product more than once. 


Does anyone know of a way to ensure that customers that are viewing three separate products, will get an email that has three separate product blocks? And this will make sure that a customer who has viewed two products but more than three times, doesn’t get an empty block in their email. 




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Hi @BFTom,

Thanks for sharing this question with our community.

By default, the browse abandonment flow email will only contain a single item that the user browsed. For each subsequent item browsed, there will be a separate email queued for that individual for their viewed item. 

Do you happen to be using the code for adding recently viewed items into your browse abandonment emails? Or are you talking strictly about the filters you have in place to restrict the number of viewed product events?

A couple of things to keep in mind - you can change the timeframe for the number of viewed product events i.e. instead of “over all time” to “in the last X amount of days” so if the user later comes back and views the same item, we will skip them from the flow email to avoid showing them the same item again.

Going back to the point on recently viewed items, you can limit the number of recently viewed items, using the slice filter. For example, to just show the six most recently viewed items, use {% for item in person.ViewedItems|slice:':6' %} in place of {% for item in person.ViewedItems %} as per our documentation. If you’re not using this already, you may find this helpful to achieve your goal.

i hope that’s helpful.