Receiving random product in abandoned cart

  • 28 September 2022
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Hello there,

I have recently set up abandoned cart flow. I have done several test with it. And, I have not received the product of image that I have a Added to the cart.

My setup:

Product that I added:

Product I received



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Hi @Subodh Karki,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

When you navigate to Analytics > Metrics and select the metric that triggers your flow, do you see the correct item populating in the Details section?

Whichever item you see here should be the same item populating in your flow. If you see a different item appearing here than what you see in the flow email, it means there’s an issue at the integration-level. In which case, I’d recommend contacting our support team to have a closer look at your integration and your website.

If you see the same item here as you added to your cart, I suspect there may be a few things going on. First, you’re receiving an email from another flow containing those 3 items in your screenshot. Are you using recently viewed items in any of your emails? If so, since Viewed Product is the event which precedes Added to Cart and Started Checkout, this could be what you’re seeing in that email. 

Also, you may not be receiving the Added to Cart email as you intended. To verify, scan your profile page in Klaviyo and ensure you actually logged a Received Email metric for the flow email associated with the Abandoned Cart flow. It’s also possible this email was skipped.  

Couple these two scenarios together (receiving an email containing Recently Viewed items along with no abandoned cart email) that would give the perception that adding that item to your cart is actually displaying those 3 items when in fact that email could be populating correctly you’re just not seeing it either because it’s getting skipped.

That’s where I would start investigating - I hope that’s helpful.