Repeat Purchase Flow - Show Previous Order Item From Category

  • 29 March 2023
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Hi everyone,

I am looking to set up a series of repeat purchase flows for products which typically need replacing within a certain time frame. As the majority of the products on our website are applicated for individual vehicles, I would like to be able to pull in the product that the customer last ordered from a specific product category. 

For example, an email reminder to purchase new wiper blades would be sent out every 6 months. In the body of the email, I would like to show the customer the wiper blades that they purchased last time, rather than a popular wiper blade which may not fit their car. 

Is it possible to create a dynamic block to show the customers purchase history within a specific product category?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. Create a new email flow. Add a trigger to the flow that will initiate it when a customer purchases a product from the specific category you want to target. 
  2. Add a delay to the flow to give the customer enough time to use the product before receiving a reminder email. For example, if you want to send a reminder email every six months, you can set the delay to 180 days.
  3. Create an email in the flow that includes a dynamic block to show the customer's purchase history within the specific product category.
  4. In the dynamic block editor, choose "Product Recommendations " (or something similar) as the content type and select the specific product category you want to target. You can also choose to show the most recent purchase or all previous purchases within the category.

  5. Customize the dynamic block settings to display the information you want