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  • 27 June 2022
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Out team recently migrated over from HubSpot. We used to be able to share a link that directed reviewers to an “Online Preview” of the email. Is this feature available in Klaviyo? All I can find is the ability to send test emails to people’s personal inbox. 


John Parker


Best answer by Jeff Lusczynski 27 June 2022, 20:46

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6 replies

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Hey @Jeff Lusczynski 

Thank you so much for stepping in to help! So happy to see the collaboration between members! Thank you so much for being a part of the Community. 

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Great, glad to help!

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It was the latter. We have multiple instances and he was logged into the wrong one. Thanks for helping me out with this! 

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Perhaps it’s because either the flow isn’t live or the recipient isn’t currently logged into Klaviyo with proper access.  

Another method that may help you can be found in this older post here in the forum:  


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Thanks for the response!

When I follow those steps and share the link, the recipients get the below error? Any thoughts? Is it because my flow is not live yet? 


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Hello John,

If you click on the preview button on an email, it will take you to a specific Klaviyo web address that appears to be unique to that email.  Just copy that URL and share it with whoever you’d like.  

I just tried it now with a live email in a flow and it appears to work.