Shopify and Klaviyo will customers get two emails?

  • 11 July 2023
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Hi everyone,

New to Klaviyo and setting up my emails etc. I can see that I am able to set up that Klaviyo will send a post purchase email/order confirmation etc. However, I have these set up in Shopify, so will customers get two lots of emails or do the two sync so this doesn’t occur? Or do I need to somehow change settings in Shopify to stop this?




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Hi @swan18 😀

Welcome to the wonderful world of Klaviyo! 

Shopify usually sends your transactional emails. You can redesign them in Klaviyo and import them to Shopify, if you’d like to carry the same brand look across all your emails. 

You can learn how to do this here: - I recommend you keep your transactional emails with Shopify and turn off any marketing emails that you have set up on Shopify (if any).

If you’d like to know the difference between transactional emails and marketing emails, you can read more about them here. 

Your Klaviyo post-purchase flow is a great way to introduce your subscribers to your brand, share your values, invite them to join you on socials, ask for a referral, offer an incentive to drive a second purchase etc. 

I hope this helps you. Wishing you all the best on your Klaviyo experience ahead! 

Warm regards,

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Hi @swan18 😊 this is a great question!


@smileyrox already gave you great feedback, and helpful documentation so you can understand the difference between the transactional emails you’ll send from Shopify (like receipts) and the marketing emails you’ll send from Klaviyo.


I’d add a few more things here to help you get started with your Klaviyo flows.


  1. It’s especially valuable for you to send different post-purchase (“customer thank you”) emails to new (first-time) customers vs. repeat customers. If there are tips you can give people on how to use your product in the best way for an optimal experience, or how to clean it, etc. - that’s perfect to send to your new customers.
  2. My general approach to post-purchase flows is this is a time to proactively educate your customers about what they’ve purchased, and support your customer service/ CX team by proactively addressing any questions they might have about their order.
    2b. So you could forecast what your customer can expect while they wait for their order. Maybe your products are made in a local factory? Now’s a great time to tell the customer a story about what’s happening behind the scenes as their order is packed and then shipped to them. Something along the lines of this famous CD Baby post-purchase email comes to mind… 
  3. Some brands prefer to focus on the brand values, and origin story in their Welcome Series flow instead of their post-purchase flow. This tends to be my approach with my clients as well.
    3b. If we bring this kind of story into a post-purchase flow, we’ll focus on the impact that comes from the order. So if there’s a charitable component like a % of sales going to a non-profit, or trees being plants, etc. - we’ll focus on that story in a post-purchase flow in a “this is the result of your order/ the impact you helped us make on these people” context.

Last thing: I wrote an article for the community that walks you through my recommended approach for building out your system of flows, how to prioritize which ones get built first, and how to get started with the simplest possible iteration so you can launch it faster. I hope you find it helpful!





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