Shopify Order Placed Tags Not Showing

  • 17 November 2021
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I have added a new Shopify App for in-store pickup.  This app allows customers to chose between multiple locations for pickup.  When the order is placed a tag of their order location is created (I see these in the Shopify order details).   However, I do not see these tags when I look at the ‘Activity Details’ for the order.  

My end goal is to create a flow that enables me to send unique emails with pickup instructions based on their pickup choices.  However, with no Order Tags coming over from Shopify nothing is triggering the flow actions.  

Any help on how to fix the ‘tag problem’ or a workaround would be appreciated. 


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Hello @jarSS,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Klaviyo Community!

Shopify order tags not being synced over as part of your Shopify Placed Order event is a known behavior. This is type of behavior is caused by the frequency of when this data is synced. As mentioned in the Frequency of the Shopify Sync subsection of the Reviewing Your Shopify Data Help Center article:

Metrics and profile properties from Shopify are synced in real-time. You should see event data appear in your Klaviyo account within a few seconds of when the event is tracked in your Shopify store.

Because we sync all metrics in real-time, any tags -- such as Order Tags -- that might be added to an order after it is processed will not sync into Klaviyo. Klaviyo does not re-sync metrics after the initial event takes place, so no tags or adjustments made to an order after-the-fact will be updated in Klaviyo.

A potential work around to this would be instead of leveraging the Placed Order event as your flow trigger, you can use the Fulfilled Order event. Because the Fulfilled Order event is synced when the order is marked as “fulfilled” within your Shopify backend, this allows sufficient time for the Shopify Order Tag to be amended. Since the Fulfilled Order event also passes the same types of data as the Placed Order event, just at a later point in time, this tag wouldn’t get lost. 

One thing to keep in mind though is that this work around is still susceptible to the flaw caused by the sync frequency. For example, in small instances that your Fulfilled Order event is triggered shortly after the Placed Order event, such as a readily available product, then then Shopify order tag once again may not have sufficient time to be amended. 

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Thank you for your response. 

I have read other threads where people have issues with syncing data from their stores into Klaviyo.  The developer of the app tells me the tags are added when the order is placed.  So it seems the issue is on Kaviyo or Shopify’s side and not with the app. 

The weird thing is that the first order with the app actually worked (the tags came over to Klaviyo).  All following orders did not have their tags track over to Klaviyo (though I see them in Shopify).

I have seen the workaround you mention also suggested in other posts.  However, I do not want to fulfill orders that are actually not fulfilled.  Our pickups for the holiday season occur upwards of one month after the order is placed, but we want them to receive an email with pickup instructions as soon as the order is placed. Prematurely fulfilling orders as a workaround seems to only cause other issues in our workflow (e.g. emails going out to customers, orders disappearing from our “open order list”, etc.).  

Since the tags are not pulling over correctly.  Is there a way to trigger email with other data from order?  For example, even though I do not see the tags on the order other information specific to the pickup is present.  (See image below).  For example, note_attributes has information that could be used as a trigger (if only this was an available trigger field in Klaviyo). 



Happy to hear your thoughts on this or other workarounds or ways to pull the tags into Klaviyo. 

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Hey @jarSS,

Very valid points! 

Another work around that I’ve seen is having a custom event triggered when a pickup order is recognized. This way, when an order is placed, in addition to the Placed Order event being recorded by your customers, they can also record a custom “pick up order placed” (or whatever you want to name this) event. This would allow you to trigger a flow off of this new custom event as opposed to the standard Placed Order event. In turn, this flow would only trigger and relay a message to those customers who are doing pickup orders.

To build your own custom event, I would suggest working with a developer you are familiar with or finding an accredited Klaviyo Partner. I’ve included some additional resources that may help you and your developer implement this custom event solution below:


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I like the idea of creating a custom event but we are a small outfit and don't have a developer to help us. Probably cost prohibitive.

I just wish I could pull more of the information sitting in Shopify that I need to trigger the flow. 

It seems all the events currently available with the Shopify integration only pull order tags at the time the order is placed (which in this case is not working).

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Hey @jarSS,

That’s correct! All the events synced to Klaviyo from Shopify pulls in data in real time. In my experience, when apply tags to an order, there is always a slight delay as these tags are often times only registered after the placed order event data has been synced to Klaviyo. Because Shopify and Klaviyo have a one to one connection, immediately when the Placed Order event is triggered from Shopify, the order details are synced to Klaviyo at that moment. This means that by the time it took the order tag to be applied, the order details were already synced to Klaviyo without the desired order tag.

This does not mean the order wouldn’t be tag. It simply means that the order would still get applied within Shopify, but since Klaviyo does not re-sync the data after the initial sync took place, the order tag would not be recognized within Klaviyo. 

Really appreciate the feedback surrounding being able to pull more information from Shopify to Klaviyo, I’ll share this along to our Product Team. 


Badge +2 I appreciate the attention, but it looks like I am right back to square one in all this.  :expressionless:   I hope some solutions can be introduced because what I thought was good partnership (Klaviyo & Shopify), and one of the reasons I chose Klaviyo, but seems limited in many ways at this time.   

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@jarSS 2 years later and I am now having the same issue, searching these forums for a solution. Were you ever able to find a solution (not custom triggered api) or find an app that worked to tag your Shopify immediately so KL could pick it up? 

Thank you!

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Hello @e_zamora it has been a while since I did the workaround on this problem, so some details may escape me, but I did find a solution.  

The Shopify App I use is Store Pickup + Delivery (CR).  I presented the problem to them and they created the solution on the Shopify side… which was to add a “Order Pickup” item in the cart when they select to pick it up.  This way information can be passed on to Klaviyo during the checkout.   The issue I was having was timing, Klaviyo seemed to not see the tags at checkout, so the flow was not activated.  This was the workaround. 


My flow in Klaviyo looks like this…