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  • 6 March 2023
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Hi everyone,


As part of some flows i run for my clients they are asking for specific illustrations in the flows:


For non-subscription customer (customers who do not buy on a regular basis). Is there a way to show the RRP of products then show the subscription price also? So they could potential see how much they are saving?


Any help would be much appreciated, many thanks Tim


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Hi @Timo8877,


Welcome to the community and great to read your question.


If I understand your question correctly you'd like to show additional information based on if a customer is a non-subscriber.


There are a couple of ways you could go about these:

  1. Show / hide blocks - this option allows you to show or hide a block based on a specific profile property or event.


  2. If/Else statements - This allows you to dive into the copy itself (within the HTML) to show/hide specific parts based on specific profile properties

So either you create 2 blocks, one with price for a recipient that has a subscription and one for a person that does not have a subscription and using the show/hide block function to show or hide a block depending on the case or code the element in such a way that if a person does not have a subscription you show additional elements or text in a block.


I hope this helps!


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Hi Omar, first of all thank you for the detailed reply. Its much appreciated.


Okay i understand your instruction. You could stack two blocks on top of each other, one with the non subscription price and below another with the subscription price. Then you would then create the copy to illustrate the potential savings in the below block.


Thanks again and yes it definitely helps! Tim 

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Do you know how you would change the price so it shows differently in either block? It would be the default price -25%?


Many thanks for your help,