Special Characters Appearing in Product Name

  • 24 August 2021
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Browse abandonment email is displaying crazy letters in product name… How do I fix this?

  • Special characters in our product names causing this (& displaying as & )
    • 22” Surf & Wake Rack 
    • displays:  22andquot; Surf & Wake Rack
  • Tried appending |escape but it’s not working {{|escape }} and {{ event.URL|escape }}

Ideas to fix?




Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 24 August 2021, 19:15

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Welcome to the Community Forum, we are so glad to see you! Thank you for sharing your question and congrats on your first post! 


As product names are event variables that pull in dynamic data for each email, it was a great idea to add a filter to this variable! You are on the right track!  Filters allow you to modify the format and content of variables in a message. We want to change how the variables are displayed because they have additional symbols and letters we don’t want to see. To apply a filter to a template tag, the following elements should be added:

  • A pipe symbol ( | ) after the variable name
  • The filter name 
  • If the filter takes any arguments (i.e., additional parameters or inputs), add a colon, followed by the argument(s) 


I would recommend adding the |safe filter to the product name variables you want to change. In total, the new filter should be applied like this {{ event.Name|safe }} 


Thanks for being a part of our Community!