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  • 21 January 2021
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My store is Magento 2 and I am testing the started checkout trigger to test abandoned cart mails. The problem is that I can't trigger the started checkout status on my site and I don't know why. Does anyone else have a similar problem?




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Hi @JuanP,


Sorry for the delay here. I would advise starting by making sure that the started checkout metric is being tracked in the metrics section of the dashboard: Reviewing Your Magento 2 Data.

I would also double check that the Klaviyo extension was set up. The Klaviyo extension is what is in charge of tracking Active on Site and Viewed product and also plays a part in the Started Checkout metric which is gathered by the extension and synced through the Magento 2 integration.

If you’re finding that there seems to be an issue with certain metrics not tracking (Active on site, viewed product) this would indicate the extension likely has not been enabled in Klaviyo. If that is the case, you can try and install the extension again following the Install the Klaviyo Extension in Magento 2 instructions in this article.

If the extension is set up correctly and there are no issues with the integration, it should function as intended.

If you were able to resolve, please let us know what may have been the issue.



Hi @Paul S ,


It seems that a third party app installed in the checkout process is blocking most of the started checkout events. So it looks like we have no solution.

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Hi @JuanP,

Thank you for the follow-up post and thank you @Paul S for your input!

@JuanP, would you mind sharing if you were able to unblock the 3rd party app and get Started Checkout events working again? If so, can you provide any detail on how you were able to get this working again. We know there are lots of other business owners and brand builders who may have similar questions in the future, so it's incredibly helpful when you share what you learn!

Thanks and have a great day.