starting a new thank you flow without messing up the old one

  • 31 August 2022
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Hey so currently i have one post purchase thank you flow set up that splits new and returning customers inside of it.

i want to set up two separate flows which isnt a problem but i dont want to delete the old flow until everyone thats in it have been fully sent through and i also dont want new purchasers to go into the olf flow.

is there a way to set this up? Sorry if it sounds confusing


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Definitely!  I went through this same exercise with another one of my flows recently. 


It’s a bit “hack-y” but it works.  So, this is what I did:

  • Re-named the old flow (Just added “-old” to the end)
  • Put a long time delay after the trigger (like 180 days)
  • Then put a calendar reminder to when you know the last person currently in the flow would exit and go into the flow change it all to Draft status

If the data/flow will be worth it to look back on later down the road, perhaps keep the flow in your account.


Hope that helps!