the open rate was poor on Abandoned Cart flow

  • 2 April 2022
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Hello, I found that the open rate of our abandonment flow is very poor, can you tell me some reasons?Could it be that there is a problem with our sending channel? Or our domain name is restricted?


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Hey @kimmia 

Thank you for a great question, hopefully the Klaviyo Community can help!

When you say that your open rate is very poor, what is your current open rate? There are number of reasons you may have a low open rate but there are a few things you can focus on to increase your open rate on flows. 

The following are key strategies to increase flow open rates:

  • Target your flow message
  • Optimize subject lines
  • A/B test your flow emails and branches
  • Choose the best send time, delays, and message frequency

The article linked above goes into each of these areas to help increase your open rates!