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  • 29 January 2021
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Hi. Perhaps this has been asked before so I can’t believe we’re the only store with this situation… We sell various products, and some ship immediately and some are considered Made to Order (MTO) and take 3-4 weeks to ship. I want to set up an email flow for customers who order MTO products to keep them engaged while they wait for their products. So we want to set it up so that if Jane orders (MTO SKU 1234) she’ll get a specific email.

There are 1036 SKUs out of thousands this applies to. Do we need to enter each one with “and” or how do we set it up on the back end in Woo Commerce?


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Hello @Jennifer,

Building off of the great suggestions from @vitbarreto and @retention, either applying product tags to all of these Made to Order or grouping all of these products in their own category/collection would be the best option to filter and target to serve a flow. 

I would recommend reviewing WooCommerce’s own Documentation on creating these catalogs and/or product tags to achieve your goal here: 

Hope this helps!


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It turns out we can’t assign a specific category in Woo, that we know. We’ve tried every variation we can think of. But we have a product that can be ordered as a sample, an installation type, in a five-pack or made to order. So we have a parent and products below it.

We don’t want to have the customer make another choice on the home page for this variation. And most don’t know if their products are made to order until they try and order it and it’s confirmed on the home page after that click.

So our latest attempt is to set up the trigger for people who need to be notified when their made to order products ship as a listing of SKUs (there are 1,000+) and "or" between each SKU. We would like to avoid inputting that many SKUs manually if possible.

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@Jennifer Similar to what @vitbarreto mentioned, does your Made to Order (MTO) belong to a special Category?  If not, could you assign all the MTO items to a category, you can then use that in your Placed Order Trigger Filter as a condition.  

Take a look at the options here:
Reviewing Your WooCommerce Data

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Hi @Jennifer 

I believe an expert will come to help, but I wonder if you could use a metric PLACED ORDER with a trigger filter for a specific collection or product tag (on Shopify it is available, on WooCommerce I’m not sure).


If all your MTO have the same tag or belong to the same collection, I think it would work.