Triggered Emails & Unsubscribes - New Google & Yahoo Requirements Feb 1, 2024

  • 26 January 2024
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Hi all,

I am trying to wrap my head around the one-click unsubscribe requirement for “triggered flow emails”.

We use Klaviyo for our promotional emails but then send transactional / triggered flow emails through an API and our own custom email sending platform.

I know Klaviyo will add a one-click unsubscribe to all emails that aren’t true transactional emails.

But what about triggered flow emails like the welcome series. product review flow, abandoned cart flow, etc.

I have read a lot of mixed info on this now with some saying that these are transactional emails and don’t need an unsubscribe and some saying that they do in fact need an unsubscribe. I talked to Klaviyo support and they said they will add the unsubscribe automatically to all marketing flow emails.

Since we are sending triggered emails via our own custom platform I want to make sure we are doing it right.

Is a one-click unsubscribe or an unsubscribe in general needed for the welcome series, product review flow, abandoned cart flow, etc to adhere to the new Google and Yahoo requirements?

If yes, will that unsubscribe option have to unsubscribe people from all communications (not including true transactional emails, im thinking order confirmation, shipping updates, form submission confirmations, etc here)? Or can it unsubscribe someone from receiving the specific flow they are unsubscribing from? For example, lets say we have to add an unsubscribe to the product review flow, should that unsubscribe button remove the user from all email communications or just the specific product review flow?


I appreciate everyones help since i have been looking for hours and haven’t found any good info on this.


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5 replies

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@KaleyatFaff We have the same thing going on. I would contact support. But I guess the most important thing to be compliant is to have the List Unsub in the code, which Klaviyo adds for you automatically.

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Hello, can I jump on this question as well? I’ve sent a test email to myself and I don’t see the unsubscribe link in the header (sent to a gmail account). Am I missing something?


Thanks for your help!

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That is correct to meet the requirements from Google/Yahoo.

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Great! Thank you. So a global unsubscribe is what is needed?

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Hey @pwieland 

Thanks for reaching out for clarification on the new Google/Yahoo requirements.

Welcome series, product review, abandoned cart flows are not considered transactional and therefore are going to have the one-click unsubscribe in the header. No way around that. The unsubscribe will act just like the standard unsubscribe button, meaning if you have global  enabled, it appears to be globally suppressing them from all emails.

Hope this helps clarify