Triggering Email flow when someone visits a specific landing page

  • 12 October 2021
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I am trying to trigger email flows when customers go to a specific landing page (not a product page). Does anyone have any ideas how I can either trigger this flow or segment customers to receive emails if they visited the specific page


Best answer by Manny Singh 12 October 2021, 05:16

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2 replies

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Manny this helps alot! But I still struggle on where to copy-paste the snipped. I am interested that it will work on a specific blog post. Should I implement the snipped on theme liquid? It says “Copy and paste the snippet below into your page files, and then save and publish those files with the updated code.” I dont understand since I lack basic skills apparently...

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Hi! I believe the way to do this is to create a Viewed Page metric and then segment that property type.  When someone has their profile updated, you can create a flow based on the trigger of someone being added to that segment.


Check out this how-to article: