• 29 June 2022
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Hello Klaviyo Fam,

I’d like to make this TEXT BUTTON TO LINK TO THE BUTTON. This is a replenishment flow the link goes to checkout page with the product they purchased previously. How I can get that link? I don’t want to show it as a text. The default button I can’t change the color.





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2 replies

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The metric is placed order. Thanks Kevin, I figure it out. 

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Hey @thepowerofcopy 

Thanks for asking the Community for help with your button.

Quick question for you, what metric are you using to trigger the flow?Just as a reminder to our other community members reading this that dynamic event variables are not available in List, Segment or Date triggered flows. Depending on the metric and the integration you’re using as the trigger, it will require specific event variable for it to populate properly. Have you follow the step on finding the correct event variable? Often times it’s as simple as the variable was not copied exactly as it was show in the preview when configuring your content. , Please let me know how you have your flow trigger set up so I know what i should be looking for.

I’ll be on the lookout for your response! Thanks again for being part of the Klaviyo Community!