Using trigger variables in trigger filters

  • 15 June 2023
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Hi, is it possible to use a trigger variable in a flow filter?


Our use case is that we sell a product one-time and subscription. We want to have different flows for one-time vs. subscription. The trigger for one-time is “Ordered Product.” We want to exclude the people who ordered the product as a subscription. However, on the Ordered Product event, there is nothing indicating whether it is a subscription or not. So we have to check another event. We want to make sure they did not have another specific event (Subscription Created) where that product ID = this product ID. Will it work?




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Hi @rsimmons!

If I understand your use case correctly, I think a more optimal route would be to create a separate flow that tags users with a profile property when the other event occurs (Subscription Created).


Here are the instructions to do that:


This way, you could use the “properties about someone” flow trigger and have a dedicated profile property that establishes whether they are a subscriber or not. 


Here is a Community thread that discusses another solution to a similar issue, if you’re interested:


I hope this helps, and thanks for using the Community!

- Brian