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  • 12 September 2023
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Hi Community! 

I am designing and planing my Thank you + immediate upsell flow for my e-com brand Ninja Protector. I have three segments to send different emails based on how many orders the customers have placed. The three different conditions are: Placed 1 order over all time , Placed 2 orders over all time , Placed 3 orders over all time but the ordered product value is less than 400.

The flow itself have the conditions of: Not being in the flow in the last 21 days + cancalled zero orders since starting this flow


This flow is for customers who are not in the VIP group. My question is: After the last condition, what is needed to be placed at the “no” → Should I just leave it blank as in “exit” or is there something else needed to be done here?

My segment for VIP customers are customers who have bought at least 3 times and that their ordered product value is at least 400


Should I do a last split for VIP customers, or should I set up a whole new flow for VIPS only? And should I just let it say “exit” after the last conditional split?


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Hi @SamanSaffari,

Welcome to the community and great questions.  Sometimes it helps to add screenshots but from what you're saying and asking you want to know if it makes sense to include all the logic in one flow or split it in 2 flows (a separate for VIP).


Out of curiosity, how much time is there between the start of the flow and first e-mail? Is that immediate or is there a 7 or 14 days wait period? If so, you might also want to filter out people with returned products.


As for your question about VIP, can you share the definition of VIP? Is that total sales (revenue) or total amount of orders? i.e. if someone bought $10.000 in one order would they be vip? or is it bound to the amount of orders someone has as well? Are you check for Total revenue over time or only revenue for this specific order?

Depending on this you might want to have 2 separate flow or not. When you do add 2 flows, make sure you mutually exclude each flow so people don't end up in multiple flows at the same time.


Hope this helps


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