Weekly date property flow - how to trigger this?

  • 1 June 2022
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I need to send a weekly email to remind subscribers to select their ‘menu’ choices for the next delivery date. I’ve used date property but the option to repeat is only monthly? how can I trigger this flow to run weekly?

Is this possible? 

the delivery date property changes weekly in the profile

any help greatly appreciated!





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Hello @candi.barattaUK,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

If you haven’t already, I think you’ll find some helpful information in our Guide to Creating a Date Property-Triggered Flow and How Date-Based Flows Queue Recipients Help Center articles.

As mentioned in them, date-property triggered flows will only have the options to repeat monthly or yearly. Having the flow repeat weekly would not be an available option.

Choose How Often the Flow Will Repeat

The final step to setting up a date-based flow is to choose how often the flow should repeat:

  • Monthly
    Recipients will qualify to enter this flow on a monthly recurring basis on the same day each month; for example, a monthly subscription reminder series. Note that if you schedule this on the 31st, it will automatically pick up on the last day of the month for any month that has fewer than 31 days.
  • Yearly
    Recipients will qualify to enter this flow on a yearly recurring basis on the same month/day; for example, a yearly anniversary or birthday series.
  • Should not repeat
    Recipients will qualify to enter this flow only once when the full date matches (day, month, and year); for example, a wedding or pregnancy due date.

Typically, if you were sending weekly routine emails, this would be better served through weekly scheduled campaigns; similar to a routine newsletter. This way your content can be changed and updated weekly rather than have content that would remain static or routine in a flow. Personally speaking, receiving a weekly email whose content doesn’t change may get stale fairly quickly.

Having engaging content is actually a key to deliverability. For example, routinely receiving an email whose subject line and content are the same overtime, would train your recipients to already predict the content and ignore the email. This would lead to unengagment which could cause you to miss potential customers and effect your sending reputation.

You can find some of our deliverability best practices from our Understanding Deliverability Best Practices Help Center article or from our Developer Category in our Community.

I hope this helps!


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Thanks for this. This weekly email is ‘transactional’, it forms part of the box subscription t&c’s so has to be sent to everyone 7 days before their next box delivers (including opt outs) so its not a marketing email. We cant schedule this as a weekly campaign as we will need Klaviyo support to auth sending to everyone - this is exactly the kind of email you’d have automated so i either need to work on a new trigger or find a work around to ensure the flow triggers weekly. My clients integration with klaviyo has been built with open api’s so its not shopify or woocommerce so the triggers like places order etc arent as easy to put into place. The date of next delivery seems like the most logical way to trigger but if i can only trigger this once a month it doesnt work! any other ideas? 🙏

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I have found the answer! Turn off repeats monthly and each time the date property updates it will trigger the flow. Thanks Klaviyo support!