What does the term "wait until person's created" mean?

  • 26 April 2021
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Apoplogies, I’m really new to this.

What does the term "wait until person's created" mean?

To put this into context, I’m trying to set up the Countdown to Birthday flow and the target date delay says simply “wait until person’s created” - and I don’t know what this means.


Can anyone help me out, please?






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Hello @Pollyk,

Can you provide further clarification such as a screenshot of what/where you see that messaging?

However, if your goal was to create a date triggered flow based off of the Birthday property, it sounds like you may have selected the incorrect property to create your flow. For this particular case it sounds like you may have selected the “Created” profile property to trigger your flow off of as opposed to the “Birthday” property. 

Since you have selected the “Created” property - which would be the Profile Created property, meaning the date the profile was first introduce or created within Klaviyo - your time delay when used in a date triggered flow would be based on this “Created” profile property; thus having the time delay set to be “wait until person's Created”. This sort of special time delay is explained further in the About Using Time Delays in Date Property Flows article. I would also recommend reviewing the following articles to learn more about building date triggered flows, especially in the context of building Birthday flows:

@julie.accardo also has a great explanation of building a Birthday flow from the following forum post in the Community: