What time will a dynamic code created within Klaviyo expire?

  • 11 October 2021
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Hi there--I am adding dynamic codes to a campaign and have set them to expire on a certain date. By default do the codes at expire at midnight in out time zone? Appreciate if anyone can verify as I could not find this in the help docs. Thanks!


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Hey @Becky C - are you on Shopify or another ecommerce platform?  If you’re on Shopify, according to Klaviyo’s doc (How to Create Unique Coupon Codes for Shopify - Create your Coupon Code in Klaviyo), this is what I found:

Please note that, in Klaviyo, dates are set in the UTC time zone; however, Shopify sets the expiration date/time based on the timezone the store is set to in Shopify, so you may see a different expiration dates in Klaviyo and Shopify for the same coupon.

Since Klaviyo generates the code from the platform itself, I think the expiration time is based on your timezone settings you set in your ecommerce platform, and expires until the date changes (in that timezone).  In other words: 11:59 PM (and 59 seconds?) of the timezone you set in your ecommerce platform with all the usual caveats of Daylight Savings Time, Leap Year, taken into account.


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Thanks so much for your help and detailed explanation, Joseph! We are on Shopify Plus so this gives me exactly what I needed. Have a fantastic day and thanks again!