Why are all my emails bouncing?

  • 23 January 2021
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I just switched from Omnisend to Klaviyo. I thought all was well until I created and sent out my first email campaign. 


Out of my list of 2800 subscribers, 2400 of my emails bounced! I checked the activity and they keep bouncing. I know these are good emails because they worked with Omnisend and I could see the traffic being brought to my site. I barely had any traffic since 2400 of my emails never went through. 


Did I miss a step in set up? How would this happen? ** I did have Klaviyo downloaded and used it for a bit in 2019, but then I switched to Omnisend. Since I decided to switch back, could this have anything to do with it? Help please!! 


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2 replies

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Did you use the Klaviyo By default Template?

If yes then I will say to you that there is no way to get emails bounced!

Make sure that you use the klaviyo footer.

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Hi @wildmagnolia , 

This sounds very frustrating and I am sorry to hear it happened right off the bat moving back to Klaviyo. Couple things:

  1. Stop trying to send to that entire list - these initial bounces are SOFT bounces, which means that they are not a permanent bounce or a “bad” email address. If a Klaviyo profile gets 7 SOFT bounces it becomes a HARD bounce and that email is marked as suppressed (aka you cannot email them again). 
  2. This is something that can happen to new accounts that don’t follow our Warming Guidelines. In your next send, try sending to a much smaller portion of you list, say 25% of it. Wait until your open rates start to get around 20% and then increase the size, 25% to 50%, 50% to 75% etc. Find the sweet spot where your open rates are good and then feel free to occasionally send to your full list (these are generally bigger sales/special events). 

Hopefully this helps!