Empty Custom Properties issue and workaround

  • 16 October 2021
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In our specific situation we have some users who have sales reps and many who do not.

On our end we typical set the field’s value to an empty string.

A property with an empty string does not get stored on profiles in Klaviyo.

My proposed workaround was to use two properties with one being a hasRep flag if you will and the other being a rep name.

What I am curious about is, is there a way to set a property to either an empty or null value to avoid the dual property solution?



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I don’t believe it can be empty.  But, what about putting the rep name as “None” instead of the 2 property solution?


Thank you for the suggestion, we did discuss such a solution internally and decided we would rather have to deal with the clunkiness of a two part solution in our Klaviyo abstraction layer rather than rewrite our own established API.

I figured empty was a no go when we tested and discovered keys with empty strings were dropped. I was hoping there was a mechanism we could leverage that was perhaps not well documented but known by a Klaviyo guru.

Thank you for taking the time to propose a solution.