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Klaviyo takes home "Best API" trophy at POST/CON 24! 🏆

Klaviyo takes home "Best API" trophy at POST/CON 24! 🏆
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Hi Developer Group!

Klaviyo received some huge news from postman last week:


Our API team just snagged the coveted "Best API Award" at Postman’s POST/CON 24 in San Francisco! 🎉🌟


In a showdown among over 100,000 APIs, Klaviyo’s APIs landed in the top 20 alongside heavy hitters like Microsoft, Meta, and Stripe! 🚀


Why did we clinch the win?

We’re committed to making life easier for developers. We revamped our APIs back in 2022, with key enhancements including auto-generated documentation, comprehensive Postman collections, and SDKs — all aimed at making interactions with our APIs seamless.


Since then, we’ve continuously rolled out new features and capabilities based on insights and feedback from our customers and partners, to make sure that our APIs and integration experience remain at the forefront of industry standards.


Ready to dive in?


Whether you're considering integrating Klaviyo's APIs into your business operations or you're an aspiring SaaS provider or agency seeking to create solutions for Klaviyo users, below are some resources to get started:


🔗 Klaviyo | Postman API Network

📘 Getting Started Guide: Klaviyo's APIs

🛠️ Partner Resources | Build Your Integration


Massive shoutout to our incredible community of devs, partners, and customers! 🥳 Your support keeps us motivated to keep pushing boundaries and shaping the future of ecommerce together.


Comment your most-used API endpoint in the thread!

Which new API feature are you most excited about?

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