Public Release of our New Klaviyo APIs

  • 20 October 2022
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Public Release of our New Klaviyo APIs
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We’re excited to announce the public release of our New Klaviyo APIs. These new endpoints, now all following a JSON:API standard, are more consistent and connected across the endpoints. Now, you’re enabled to programmatically access new product areas allowing you to build more powerful experience with Klaviyo. For example, utilize our new Catalogs API to create, update, or delete catalog data in an account to send more personalized messages with up-to-date product information.


What’s New?

The new API release contains updated and new endpoints as well as refined API features to ensure you’re able to meet your specific needs. The endpoints included in this phase will eventually replace many of Klaviyo's most commonly-used V1 & V2 endpoints. The new endpoints will provide programmatic access to the following Klaviyo resources:

  • New Endpoints: Catalogs, Flows, and Client-side
  • Updated Endpoints: Events, Metrics, Lists, Segments, Profiles, and Templates

Continual Releases:

Please remember that this public launch is only the beginning. Over the coming months and years, we’ll continually ship new API features based on your insight and recommendations. Some of our upcoming launches will include Campaigns and Subscriptions endpoints giving developers, for example, the ability to send SMS campaigns programmatically using the richness of Klaviyo platform features.

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For new Klaviyo Developers: Check out our Get Started with Klaviyo series on the developer portal to set up an account, obtain API credentials, and authenticate

Already building with our API?:

  1. Install one of our new SDKs and make test calls with the new API collection in our Postman workspace.
  2. Review the API documentation here to learn how Klaviyo's new API functionality can power more of your data-driven experiences and applications.
  3. f you have questions about how to use our new APIs, feel free to join Klaviyo's developer slack, reach out to the developer community forum, or message support in-app.
  4. To stay up-to-date on all of the latest Klaviyo developer experience news, follow us on Twitter @KlaviyoDevs


Let us know in the comments:

  • What are you most excited about with these new APIs?
  • How do you plan on using these new and updated endpoints?

4 replies

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Hi! David. Hope doing well.

Did you know what is sos?



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Hey @injamammahim,

Looks like you’re talking about SSO which stands for single sign-on. 

If you were a Klaviyo One customer and were interested in setting up SSO for security and login, you can learn how to set this up from our How to set up single sign-on for Klaviyo One users Help Center article. We highly recommend reaching out to your company’s IT department to help you set this up.


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It looks like the Campaign endpoint was nixed in the new API release. 

Do you have plans to maintain that endpoint from V1-2 or will that likely be gone in the future?


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Hey @brendanuye,

Although we haven’t released a stable version of the new Campaigns endpoint yet, I can assure you our campaign’s endpoint will not be going away anytime soon. In fact, you can checkout the new Campaigns endpoint in the v2022-12-15 Beta version

If you haven’t already, be sure to signup to our Developer newsletter to be informed of any new endpoint releases or expansions.