A couple of things I've noticed while using the new template editor

  • 11 August 2022
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So I know the new editor has been plagued by bugs, but it seems to be improving. Enough so that i’ve started using it to build new templates. I have noticed a couple of things though and thought I’d mention them here and see what’s up:

  1. Not being able to save colour swatches is a bit of a pain
  2. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of grammar checking in the text editor? It wasn’t something I relied on a lot, but I noticed there’s no more red highlighting on spelling mistakes etc. It used to be a handy, simple visual check. 
  3. It would be great to somehow save testing email addresses. It’s kind of annoying to type in my email every time I want to send a test.

1 reply

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Hey @wernstrom 

First, I am so glad that you’ve noticed the improvements that have been made to the new editor and are now using it more! I’ve also started building more in the new editor and the universal content has been a huge time saver for me. Second, thank you so much for sharing your expert insights and feedback to help make Klaviyo better. As the product team continues to make improvements and updates, I am going to roll these items up to the team for their evaluation. I know that other Community members have also reached out about being able to save colour swatches, so hopefully with more feedback from community members like you, we can move the needle on these features!

Thanks for being such an active Klaviyo Community member! We truly appreciate you and the insight you provide the community!