All-Image Emails — No Longer Considered Bad Practice?

  • 16 December 2021
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Hi everyone!

I hope your Holiday Season sales are through the roof and that you’re planning for an even better 2022.

I’ve been thinking of stepping up the design aspect of emails I create for my clients in 2022. The brand I’m drawing inspiration from is MVMT, as they have some wonderful emails going out. The design alone makes you want to impulse buy their products, but these emails are against everything we, email marketers, often talk about; best practices.

The emails are very image heavy, which brings all potential disadvantages we’re all aware of, but on the other hand they’ve been doing it for quite a while so it probably works well for them? Next to the obvious design advantage, they’re using tables in their emails so the layout looks quite good on mobile, far better than images stacking on top of each other, although the text is a bit hard to see but I don’t think it’s a major drawback.

I guess I’m just curious if going creating all-image emails is still considered bad practice?

1 reply

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Hi @NJVasic,

Thank you for sharing this great question with the Klaviyo community.

We had a great discussion on this topic in the following thread:

I recommend having a look through the discussion there. It would also be great to hear from any other members of the community who have any additional ideas to share.

Happy Holidays!