Back in Stock Flow - Shopify - Variant Image Dynamic Code Not Working

  • 31 July 2022
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Hi, I’m trying to add a product image for the Back in Stock flow email. I’m using the new editor and put an image block with the Shopify variant image code found here, but the the image isn’t showing up. I don’t see the image in preview nor do I see it in an email sent via testing out the installation.

I don’t know if the problem could be that the site is not using a free Shopify theme, but the product title dynamic code seems to be working as seen below.

Email preview:


The template:



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2 replies

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Thank you so much, Dov! That worked.

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Hi @lbd,

Thanks for sharing this with our community. Having a non-free theme shouldn’t be impacting this.

Can you confirm you’ve clicked on the image block → browse → dynamic image → pasted variant image ID



Once you paste in the dynamic link for variant image, the image icon should update to look like this (symbol changes and it reads “Dynamic Image” below the tag).


instead of the generic “Configure Image” symbol (since this signifies no dynamic tag has been inserted).

I hope that helps resolve the issue.