Can you combine coupons, change the background color of a block and fix broken product images?

  • 17 November 2021
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3 questions - thanks in advance for you thorough answers


  1. coupon 
  2. update the the block color - NOT just the background color around the text. “cyber monday deals”
  3. product image error 



  1. Can the coupon generated at klaviyo combined with shopify coupon. Buyer can only put one coupon code on checkout page but I just want to double check with you



  1. Trying to change the color of the template “Cherish the moment”.   But I am unable to change the color of the block.  The best I an do is to change the background text color and it’s not what we want. Please show us how to change the block color. 



  1. We recently updated shopify product image and now the product in the email look like error.   Since we didn’t need to upload product image but simply “select from the catalogue, I don’t think we need to select product all over again  ---   Can you confirm if we need to “re-select” the product update all our emails or not? 





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Hi @3000month2021

Thanks for sharing your question with us! Would love to help provide some insight here. 


Unfortunately, no, you cannot combine coupons at checkout. A Customer can only use one coupon at checkout. Additionally, although you can create coupons in Klaviyo for Shopify, Klaviyo uses Shopify’s coupon API to create these coupons, so technically there is not a distinction between one type of coupon or the other. 


In order to change the background color of a block, this would be done in the ‘Block Styles’ tab. Navigate the icon ‘Background Color’ and you should be able to change the whole block’s color and rectify the issue. 



For your broken image URL’s, while I can’t confirm this as I am not investigating the backend of your account, what could be happening is Klaviyo is not receiving a product image for these products. Since Klaviyo only ingests and displays the data offered to it, this would mean it is probably an error that Shopify is not sending the product image to Klaviyo to display.


To resolve this, I would recommend ensuring that these products have a listed image within your Shopify feed in your Shopify account. Once this has been done or once you have updated the images for these products you can push a manual sync of your Shopify account and Klaviyo by navigating to Integrations > Shopify > Update Shopify Settings.  


If you are still experiencing issues, I would remove the product block then re-add it, following a similar situation outlined in this Community post. 


Thanks for being a part of the Community!