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  • 15 February 2021
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I’m having a trouble with my emails showing up correctly in dark mode in the Gmail App. Our main issue is our logo. Klaviyo recommends adding a white outline around your logo with a transparent background so it shows up okay in dark mode, but it still doesn’t look great. My question/curiosity in general is, when I look at other emails from other brands/companies while in dark mode I don’t see an issue with their emails showing up correctly. If there email has a white background in the regular “Light” mode, it is still white in dark mode. I obviously don’t know if these brands are using Klaviyo. Is it just the way Klaviyo works? I have set our background to be white regardless. Is there something I am missing? Is there a way to make our background always white regardless of dark/light mode? 


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Hi there @caitmcswny

The challenge you’re describing is a common one, and is not a Klaviyo-specific issue as the factors that determine how emails display in Dark Mode are complex and involve a combination of the mobile app/email client the end recipient uses.

It sounds like you’ve already read Klaviyo’s outline on Dark Mode best practices, so I wanted to provide this guide from Litmus that explains in detail these different factors, as well as provides a few different tips to supplement.