How can I celebrate each year for work anniversary flow?

  • 17 August 2023
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I am looking to make an email for my teams work anniversaries for each year that passes by. Similar to a birthday, is it possible to say “Happy X Year Workiversary!”? 


I tried using variable filters but because the custom profile property is a date, it doesn’t seem to be working as intended. 


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2 replies

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@valeriac I'm just adding to the above great answer from @Taylor Tarpley - in order for this to work it's necessary that you do add the date property to appropriate profiles of course. 

Please bear in mind that Klaviyo uses a specific date format like listed in this article below. Secondly make sure all date formats that you add for that property match the same format. We've had issues where if text gets added to some properties the flows won't trigger. Last thing, if you're also using Klaviyo for your webshop, name the anniversary profile property in a way that it's clear to prevent mixups.

Acceptable date formats:


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 Hi @valeriac


Welcome to the Community! Love the idea of you celebrating your team’s work anniversaries! 


I would advise using a date property as your anniversary flow trigger, similar to a birthday flow . If you don’t already have this anniversary date property in your employee’s profiles or didn’t ask for it in a signup form, you can upload this property to your customers profiles manually via CSV upload, but it’s very important that you follow Klaviyo’s specific date property formula!  This thread will be helpful when you’re trying to set up your anniversary flow.


For updating with the number of years they worked in the email, there isn’t a native way to reference which anniversary it is in a flow email that repeats yearly. However, you could try this workflow:

  •  Create a date-trigger flow off the anniversary property, that will queue recipient one day before the anniversary date, the flow will be set to repeat yearly, as shown below like a birthday flow, and you will  create conditional splits that analyze what emails they have received so far to differentiate what year a employee is celebrating . Your conditional splits will analyze what year an employee is celebrating depending on whether or not they have received the previous 1,2 etc year anniversary emails. You would then hard code each email to say ‘Happy 1 year’, ‘Happy 2 year’ etc. 


Thanks for participating in the Community!