How do I export a Klaviyo template into Gmail or Outlook?

  • 4 February 2023
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 We’re using Klaviyo to have a good email template with information of our company, with pictures and links to our Whatsapp and website.

Our business is B2B and we’ll be sending through Outlook our Gmail if we have to. We don’t need to send massive mailings, just to cold emails to a few business partners.

Is it posible to export the template made on Klaviyo into the previously mentioned platforms?


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Hi @AndresSteele! Mirko here 😄
You're looking to use your Klaviyo email template in Gmail or Outlook, is that right?

Unfortunately, Klaviyo templates can't be exported directly into Gmail or Outlook. However, I believe - as an Email Marketing Specialist - you have a couple of options to use your Klaviyo template in these email platforms: 🙌

  1. First is, Copy and paste the HTML code of your Klaviyo template into the HTML editor of Gmail or Outlook. This will allow you to recreate your Klaviyo template in either platform.

  2. Second is, Use an email sending service that integrates with Klaviyo and Gmail or Outlook, such as Mandrill, Mailgun, or SendGrid. This will allow you to send emails using your Klaviyo template and Gmail or Outlook account.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you need further assistance. Will be happy to help you 💯