How to remove Klaviyo branding from email templates

  • 20 March 2023
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How to remove Klaviyo branding from email templates
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If you still see Klaviyo branding in your email templates (in desktop or mobile view), you likely don't have an email subscription at this time.


Please note that Klaviyo branding can only be removed from email template when you have an active profile and email subscription plan with Klaviyo. For further information ,here is a little bit of context related to Branding within email footers.

If you wish to change how Klaviyo branding would appear in your email template, please navigate to Settings > More > Klaviyo Branding. This nitty-gritty article on How to update the Klaviyo branding in the footer of your emails also provides t more information regarding this!


Checkout the tutorial video below: 

To read more about branding, billing, and upgrading check out these resources:

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Hi @hallie.ju - I think the title isn’t matching the guide?  Shouldn’t it be “How to remove Klaviyo Branding from Email?” and not SMS?