Abandoned cart with Stripe Impossible

  • 29 May 2023
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I can’t find a way to integrate abandoned cart via stripe with Klaviyo


I use Podia which is a different software than Shopify, It does not integrate directly to Klaviyo but with Mailchimp


I noticed that Stripe does integrate with Klaviyo which is great BUT only have 4 metrics (of the 164 available).


On these, there is 

Which is great for the failed payment (A big part of my business) But not so great for abandoned cart flow


The only way I found is to combine Issued Invoice with Succesfully paid (The customer had an Issued invoice but did not succeed to pay, so it has a conditional split inside which is not optimal I guess


Even then, a lot of customers do not receive any Invoice because they “Checkout Started” (as in shopify integration) but did not complete payment card informations, I still got their mail though


Seems like A complete integration with Stripe / Klaviyo would do the trick I don’t get why there’s only 4 available options instead of the possible 164 


Anyone knows anything ?


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Hi @Ulysse!

It’s true that the Stripe integration only includes those four metrics you referenced - and since the Abandoned Cart flow is triggered by the Added to Cart metric, you can’t create this flow solely with the native Stripe integration. Rather, the Added to Cart metric is triggered from your e-commerce platform’s checkout page, while Stripe is typically used to just collect payment.


If anything changes with the stripe integration in the future, I will certainly update you in the thread!