Automatically suppress Amazon customers pulled in through Shopify integration

  • 6 August 2021
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Is it possible to automatically suppress Amazon profiles?  We have Shopify integrated with Klaviyo and it is pulling in our Amazon customers.  I went ahead and setup the segment > uploaded to the Suppressed list.  Seems there should be an easy way to do this through a flow.  



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Hey there!

One trick could be creating an automation where the Trigger is someone being added to that new suppression list. Once they enter, you update a new custom User Property. Like “Amazon Customer” = TRUE. 

And then in your other automations that you want to exclude them in, create a new flow filter in the trigger where contact does not have “Amazon Customer’ = TRUE. Just throw in a 5 minute wait in the beginning of your flows to catch-up on that Property update.

But also if you are able to filter this group into your new segment you should be able to filter it in your Flow filters but if not, that initial option I listed would be your workaround!

Unless you wanted to fully suppress them from all communications, your flow that triggers based off being added to a segment could then follow-up with removing them from lists and marking them suppressed.

Hope that makes sense!

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Thank you for your response, unfortunately I am still a bit lost.  

I am able to segment out the customers easily based on their email addresses.  I also can easily filter out this segment from lists without issue.  What I am looking to do is have them automatically add them to the Klaviyo suppression list.  We have a large number of Amazon customers so this carries quite a large expense if they go unchecked.  The CSV works however I could see someone accidently exporting the wrong segment and blacklisting legitimate customers quite easily.  

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@CVW - Expanding on what @Spark Bridge Digital LLC already suggested, if you have segmented out your Amazon email addresses, and ensure they aren’t sent to via Campaigns or Flows, that’s functionally equivalent to having them “suppressed.”  

So for example, say you had a List called “Main Newsletter” - if you created a Segment called “Main Newsletter - No Amazon” where Amazon proxy emails are excluded and used that Segment instead of the List when you send Campaigns, then you have in effect manually “suppressed” them from receiving emails.

In the same way, if you add the Flow Filter to prevent Amazon emails to go into all your Flows, you’ve also removed them from receiving emails as well.  

Once the above is done, you’ve eliminated any possibility of sending emails to Amazon proxy email addresses (to keep you in good standing with Amazon’s marketing prohibition), and allow your owned audiences get the proper emails.

Whether or not if you want to periodically suppress the Amazon emails is then up to you to decide how frequently you want to do this.

If you have access to a developer, you can also programmatically exclude (suppress) people from all emails by using the Klaviyo API endpoint called “exclusions” here:

Of course, that means you need to write a script, that pulls in the Segment of Amazon profiles, and then call that API endpoint to suppress them on a periodic basis.  Check the Klaviyo Partner Directory for talented Klaviyo Developers who might be able to help you create and maintain that code.

Hopefully this helps!

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Hey @CVW 

So glad you reached out for help on the Klaviyo Community! Thank you @Spark Bridge Digital LLC and @retention for providing such great responses! They are both correct, and the examples that @retention used are spot on to guarantee that your Amazon email profiles are not receiving emails. 

Thank you for being part of the Klaviyo Community!