Back in Stock for Impulse Theme

  • 5 March 2021
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have you installed Klaviyo’s back in stock widget? Not sure how to, given that Impulse theme does not allow you to select a sold out product. It’s greyed out.

2 replies

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Hey @mnalumnimarket

I opted to move this topic of installing the Klaviyo back in stock feature for your Impulse theme to its own post to get a more relevant discussion started on this topic!


At this time, the default Klaviyo back in stock code is built to work for any of the basic free Shopify themes listed in the Back in Stock Styling Code Snippets for Free Shopify Themes article. This doesn't mean you wouldn't be able to implement this for third-party or custom themes such as Impulse though!


Theme developers are not required to follow the same guidelines that allow Klaviyo's back-in-stock feature to function. Although Klaviyo is unable to offer a custom solution for these custom or third party themes, sometimes the theme developer will be able to help with this implementation. Alternatively, you can reach out to one of our many approved partners from an extensive network of agency partners for further assistance.


If you end up working with a developer, you also have the option to build a fully customized solution. Our Back In Stock feature works by sending an event metric into Klaviyo which triggers a flow. You just need to send the Variant ID, Product ID, and email address. All of this can be custom-built using our open API to work with your website. You can learn more about this from the Shopify Back in Stock for Developers guide we offer.


Otherwise, there are other back-in-stock solutions supported through Shopify that you can find through their apps section. Here is a link to their site:




Well the button size and position is quite bad for this


i´m trying to search a thread where shows how to match it with the main stores buy button….