Best Shopify App for Facebook and Instagram sync with Klaviyo

  • 27 August 2021
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Does anyone know what is the best app integration that syncs data from Shopify into Klaviyo so I can use the Facebook Advertising Integration so I can sync lists and segments to Facebook as Custom Audiences and Lookalike audiences?


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3 replies

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the links and I will have a read up on how to set this up.



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Are you not just using the native Shopify - Klaviyo integration? Why would you need or want a 3rd party solution?

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Hi @Paul from Concise Digital ,


Thanks for posting your question to the Community and hope to provide some info regarding your topic.

In terms of app integrations, you can actually connect your Shopify to your Klaviyo account so that you can sync your newsletter to Klaviyo lists and segments! We have a documentation here on how to integrate Shopify with Klaviyo! 

Additionally, we also have a native Facebook Advertising to Klaviyo integration possible as well without any 3rd party solutions. Here is a link to that article outlining the steps on how to get that set up in your account! Afterwards, syncing to Facebook Audiences and managing your lists and segments from Shopify should be possible! The first five search about Facebook Audiences in our own Community also outline solutions to common issues that customers have run into while setting up their integrations.


Let me know if you have further questions!