How to add Klaviyo on elementor

  • 7 August 2023
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When I go to the form in ElementorPro, I click on "Actions After Submit", and I'm supposed to be able to add klaviyo there but it won't allow me to.  Does anyone know why this happening?  I've been failing at adding klaviyo for weeks now.  Thanks for any help.



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3 replies

I used this free simple plugin for this - working with Klaviyo newest API!


Thank you for the reply, this puts my mind at ease.  I'll try a workaround with the AFI plugin first since I just found a YouTube video on it and it was also suggested in the thread that you linked to.

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Unless they’ve made updates, Elementor does not Integrate directly with Klaviyo. I researched this a few months back.


If they did make updates, you’d have to add your Klaviyo API key in Elementor > Settings > Integrations for it to show up in the actions after submit. 


Klaviyo does integrate with WooCommerce through their plugin, but not directly with Elementor forms. 


A few workaround options: 

  • Use an embedded Klaviyo form
  • Use another plugin - MailOptin integrates with Klaviyo
  • Send a Webhook after submit and use Zapier to send data to Klaviyo


Here is another thread that covers this: