How to create a customer review request from customers that purchased before we had Klaviyo in Shopify data?

  • 21 February 2024
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I have a series of several hundred customers that purchased over the past 9 months prior to installing Klaviyo reviews product that I’d like to solicit customer reviews.  What’s the best method for doing so?  


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 23 February 2024, 01:10

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2 replies

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Thanks Taylor.

The issue isn’t the incentive, we have a high value - high use product, although a good idea.

I’m ok with manually setting up a campaign to reach out and request the review manually, but I am a REVIEWS product customer and we’ve integrated the reviews into our shopify page.  Do you have a manual suggestion on how to integrate it into a single manual campaign email with it populating the REVIEWS that flow into our page?  

Basically, I’m now having to create a manual REVIEW request through a manual CAMPAIGN email.  No problem.

Question:  HOW DO I GET THAT REVIEW FORM in the Campaign email so that when its filled out, it auto-populates by the rules I set up in the REVIEWS product to show up on the shopify product pages?

If easier for you or any of these other tagged champions to help me, please email me at my account address tracy@

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Hi there @tbenson2024


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment as the Ready to review events are only triggered for orders placed after you begin using Klaviyo reviews. It is not possible to retroactively populate the Ready to review metric with past orders. I am more than happy to submit this as a feature request on your behalf as I can understanding this is a frustrating limitation!


A potential workaround I can think of is creating segments of users who bought in specific product categories and asking them to manually review the products they love in each category. I know this would be manual and not as personalized as our requesting reviews flow, but maybe there is an incentive you can offer to prompt their reviews? I wonder if any of our Champions have any workaround thoughts? @ebusiness pros @KatherineB @In the Inbox ? 


Hope this helps!