How to use it on local / staging enviroment?

  • 20 February 2024
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I would like to ask how looks data sync in case of local / staging enviroments?
What is the process to test functionality / sync integration in Magento 2 via module and any customization needed?

What if some emails in one env overlap. how to avoid sending data to customer emails etc. or overrides?



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Hi @JJPL , glad to see you in this community and welcome.

In my experience, if you have separate staging and development (local) environments, you may want to create separate Klaviyo accounts.  You can designate it as a “Test Account” and you’ll see a nice label to remind you that you’re working in a Test Account.

See here:


You can read more about setting up Test Accounts here:

In the Test Account, you can also generate some “fake events and profiles” for testing purposes so that you don’t send emails or tests to real subscribers or recipients.  There’s a built-in feature to let you generate some of the most common ecommerce event data, you can follow the documentation here and see the list of events:

However, if you have your own custom metrics or events, you may have to create your own bootstrapping mock data using the standard Klaviyo APIs or the SFTP Bulk Import tool.

Hope that helps!