I have spend countless hours trying to integrate, and customer support isnt helping me at all

  • 18 March 2023
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I’m having a hard time integrating my woo commerce with my new klaviyo account. I have downloaded the plug in, clicked connect and when I click approve nothing happens. It remains on the application authorization screen and when It loads It loads the same screen. I have 1 log in to klaviyo with two businesses, the established business I integrated absolutely no problem, but for this one it's been a struggle. I have even created a completely separate account thinking maybe its cause It can't be using the same email,, nothing, Its very frustrating when I’ve reached out to support and have yet to hear back from them, If someone can please help me!! I left my other CRM for Klaviyo and right now, I’m starting to regret It...


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Hey @tmarie 

Thank you for following up. I was able to pull up your support ticket to see where they are at. It looks like they asked for you to create Admin access for one of our engineers to access your account to help fix this problem for you. Please follow up to the email thread with the admin access so our support engineers can solve this for you as quickly as possible!

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I have tried all that is listed above, I have reached out to customer support and I haven’t really been helped with the issue at hand.I attached a screenshot -- the application authentification doesn’t go through. It just keep refreshing and loads the same screen,. Doesn’t go beyond this screen 


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Hi @tmarie!


I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your WooCommerce integration. In case you haven’t already seen them, here are some useful Help Center Articles:


To summarize these articles, here are several potential causes of your issue:

  • Legacy Settings Page:

  • Deactivated or Removed Integration:

  • Integration Appears Missing or Out of Sync:

    • Deactivate the Klaviyo plugin in WordPress, remove the WooCommerce integration in Klaviyo, and start a fresh installation by following the How to Integrate with WooCommerce guide.
  • Firewall Configurations Blocking Connection:

    • Contact your hosting provider to allow Klaviyo to access the endpoints.
  • JWT Plugin:

    • The JWT Plugin is not supported and will cause errors. If you are using this, it will be helpful to switch to the default Wordpress and WooCommerce authentication configuration instead.
  • Signature Mismatch 401:

    • Check with your server administrator that headers and URL parameters are not being removed by your server.


If none of these troubleshooting tips alleviate the issue, would you mind sharing a screenshot/more details of where you are stuck (with all sensitive info redacted)? This will help myself and other Community members get some more perspective on the issue.


I hope this helps get you started!

- Brian