Integration with Lightspeed X series

  • 8 December 2022
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Why doesn’t Klaviyo connect to Lightspeed X series??? 

I have been frustrated that Klaviyo kept saying my password was incorrect for Lightspeed and yet I knew it was correct then realised it said R series!

I couldn’t change it to any other series. I only got Lightspeed Dec last year.


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3 replies

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I have just been told by Lightspeed that they will be integrating all users to one platform - X series so I need to know when Klaviyo is going to update their systems as I am collecting data on my POS and am still trying to work out how to manually load it to Klaviyo - not cool or practical as this system costs me so much more than Mailerlite that I was using and wastes my time by having to do so! I am not happy Klaviyo!

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Hey @Angelene 

I am very sorry that you are having a hard time with your Lightspeed integration and feeling frustrated. I was able to see that you had a support ticket open on this same topic and that they confirmed the same thing that Lightspeed told you. Unfortunately I can not give you an estimated time for an update on the Lightspeed X integration. I am submitting this request to our product team for them to evaluate on your behalf. 

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Thank you Stephen. Yes I have been speaking to support about this issue and they gave me no resolution. For now I have someone manually extracting the customer details to our VIP signup so that we don’t miss any customers. I am too busy and couldn’t work this out myself. It’s not acceptable that Klaviyo doesn’t support Lightspeed X data transfer automatically so I appreciate your help. Merry Christmas.