Is there a way to Integrate Gmail and Klaviyo to create CRM-like features?

  • 7 January 2022
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Hi friends,

As a small company and as most CRM solutions have high prices, I wonder how I can gather more information in one place with the resources I already have.

It would be helpful to use the great data available on Klaviyo customer profiles (such as campaigns sent, activity on site, reviews made) and also interactions made via my company’s Gmail (questions, replies etc.).

Is there an easy way to achieve that?

I also heard the last episode of Klaviyo’s podcast with Bug Bite Thing’s founder and she mentioned how the company attributes tags to specific customer behaviors and insights, that can later be implemented on the company. I wonder if there’s a way to achieve that trough Klaviyo.


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@vitbarreto for your question about “adding attribute tags for specific customer behaviors and insights”… this can be achieved through flows..  


I set up a lot of flows that automatically update a profile property when a certain action is completed, or when the contact enters into a segment (which can be set up according to any filters you like).


I then use these tags/profile properties to customize the text/images/recommended products in emails/sms.


Note: you can also send a “notification” email to your gmail from a flow when these contacts perform the action.. I believe this is the closest thing Klaviyo allows to reproduce the CRM functionality you’re looking for.


Hopefully this helps.

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Great thought @Travis, thanks for hopping here and sharing that additional idea! 


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Hi @vitbarreto 


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to hear you’re taking advantage of the Growth Podcast!


While Klaviyo does have a lot of data available especially through our Profiles tab, unfortunately, Klaviyo cannot perform most CRM actions alone or offer a full CRM solution as other integrations would. As an ESP that allows you to send targeted email campaigns and Flows, Klaviyo does not track inbound emails or allow you to set up follow up reminders as a classic CRM would. In case you want to explore other CRM integrations you might not have discovered before, here’s how you can check out Klaviyo Partner Options



In mind to the insertion of tags, depending on your integration, you can, for instance, use tags in Shopify to filter customer actions or behaviors. Shopify's customer tags are assigned as custom properties to the Klaviyo profile of each customer who is synced into Klaviyo through Shopify.


Klaviyo will create a single "Shopify Tags" property, which is stored as a list data type.This is because when these tags are used, there are often several tags applied to the same customer. The difference between lists and strings is that the string data type is used to collect a single word or single phrase (i.e. any plain text), while the list data type is used to collect an array of words/phrases, where each item in the array can be identified individually. When using the property in a segment or filter, you can include as many available tags as you'd like using multiple conditions.


Thanks for your participation in the Community!