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  • 5 July 2021
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I discovered this box while testing my site for bugs; I did read the other thread about it (mysterious checkbox on woo) and no matter what I do here, the checkbox is still there regardless - until I deactivate the plugin itself. What do I do? I feel this will definitely deter a potential customer considering they don’t know what’s being optional. Thanks! 


Using woocommerce as well, all plugins up to date. 


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Hello @TwoPointZero,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

To disable the checkbox allowing customers to subscribe to your newsletters upon checking out, you can adjust this setting within your Klaviyo WooCommerce plugin settings. 

As detailed in the Install the Klaviyo WooCommerce Plugin subsection of the How to Integrate with WooCommerce article:

you have the option to Subscribe contacts at checkout. This option is separated by channel: SMS and email. You can enable one or both options; however, if you use both, we recommend that you set different lists (and thus list IDs).

To collect email subscribers, add in your preferred list ID in the field Klaviyo List ID for Email. Then, check the box next to Subscribe contacts to email marketing. Fill in the newsletter text below, or use the default text, which will appear on the checkout page. 

You would not need to disable the Klaviyo plugin altogether to disable the opt-in checkbox, you can uncheck only the Subscribe contacts to email marketing within your plugin settings and saving. In addition, you can also uncheck the Subscribe contacts to SMS marketing to further disable the SMS opt-in checkbox as well. 

I hope this helps!


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Thank you; for some reason adjusting these settings before yielded no changes, even with my site being cached. Today that worked. I appreciate it.