ReCharge: How do I display products in flow from upcoming subscription event?

  • 8 March 2021
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Hi there,

I am using Recharge´s new Quick Actions with a Klaviyo flow that notifies customers about an upcoming subscription. I am now trying to add the product items (title + variant title) that are scheduled in the upcoming order, so the customer actually sees the products where he can apply the quick actions to. 

What is the correct way to display those products from the event in the email? Tried this one, but didn't work.

Thanks for your help!


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6 replies

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Hi @chaefner ! The article you linked to is the correct one to use -- what went wrong when you tried that? 
Some things to watch out for are: 

  • Make sure you’re using the correct variables, based on the event data 
  • Preview from within the flow email editor; if you preview from somewhere else, it won’t be able to access sample event data 
  • Do you have any test events for this new ReCharge event? If there’s no event history, there won’t be any data to display in the preview. 

If none of those things fix the issue, could you share a screenshot of how you set the block up, including the “data source” section, along with a screenshot of your event data if possible? 

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Thanks @elisegaines . I double checked and now used the event variable from the preview (didn´t recognize they are clickable when clicking on the values ;-)) 

I now tested with: {{ event.line_items.0.title }} which showed the title correctly. 
Now I just need to understand how to create a repeating block ;-) I´ll keep trying.

However, here is a new questions that came up today: Do quick actions apply to an upcoming order (incl. all product) or do I need to add a quick link per product?

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Great, glad that helped! You can use this guide to get it to repeat:

The steps to follow are: 
1. Turn the “Repeat” function on for the block: 

2.  In the Repeat For field, use event.extra.line_items 

3. In the Item Alias field, use item

4. In the title variable, {{ event.line_items.0.title }}, replace event.extra.line_items.0 with item. So, the variable to use in the text is this: {{ item.title }}

I’m not sure of the answer to your other question; ReCharge might be better able to assist! 

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Thanks again. That worked! I´m currently testing the quick actions process and was wondering, if that verifiication step can also be translated somehow. We are currently only using Recharge for our German speaking audience. 


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I just realized this is something that is propably provided by Recharge. So wrong forum here ;-) Or are there also Recharge folks here?

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Yep, that’s a question to ask the ReCharge team!