Shopify Add to cart snippet stopped working/sending info

  • 16 April 2024
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On 4/2 I installed the Klaviyo code snippet onto my Shopify store (Dawn theme). Snippet 2 accroding to their install guide is the one that worked for me. I tested and it seemed to work fine. But Shopify hasn’t sent any add to cart info to Klaviyo since my original test. I’m hoping someone knows why.

I am using a bundle app called Fast Bundle and it was installed when I originally set up and tested the snippet.

I have also unistalled and reinstalled the Shopify integration through Klaviyo to no avail. 

Can someone help me get this working?



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3 replies


Hi @retention ,

I removed the code from the published store since it wasn’t working. Do you have a different solution?

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Hi @Plant Pully!

I’ll check on this internally and update the thread ASAP!


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HI @Plant Pully,

I think I found your site, and on a quick inspection of the source code, I don’t see the “Added to Cart” code snippet on your current live product page (the one in your screenshots).

Is it possible that when you were testing it, you were in a Shopify Theme preview, and you haven’t yet published it live? Or, perhaps another Theme you published replaced/overwrote the code snippet?