Shopify Combined Discount Option, Waiting for Klaviyo Implementation

  • 23 June 2022
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Shopify announced on June 22, 2022 that they are finally adding a native combined/stackable discounts option I confirmed with Shopify Plus that this will be rolled out around June 27.

I spoke w/ Klaviyo support to see what their timeline was for implementing this in the coupons section and it wasn’t on their radar.

 I do no see a plan to add this to our Coupons feature in Klaviyo on the upcoming Roadmap. However, I have submitted this feature request to our Product team to be considered as a feature to be added in the future. At this time I do not have a timeline on when this will be considered or released, but I have submitted this feedback to our team.

Just putting this info out there for other Shopify merchants as this is a pretty big deal.

1 reply

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Hello @tori,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Thanks for surfacing this topic! Although such a feature isn’t on our roadmap, I for one wouldn’t be surprised if our Product Team was already exploring this new feature. 

Though, I would also be curious to learn how this would impact Klaviyo since the acceptance of coupons isn’t handled by Klaviyo, but rather by Shopify or your desired checkout portal. From my knowledge, there also isn’t any limitation on how many unique coupons you can offer and surface within a single email. In fact, this new exciting Shopify feature actually opens up a lot of possibility for customers who wish to stack multiple coupons such as free shipping and a discount or amount off their purchase.